We have received reports that suppliers are receiving fraudulent requests from persons impersonating Georgia Tech purchasing staff for the purchase of goods.  These requests do not come from Georgia Tech and suppliers should ensure that they perform due diligence on any request for goods and services.  Georgia Tech issues purchase orders for all goods and services, and suppliers should ensure that they receive a valid purchase order prior to supplying any goods. Suppliers may check whether a purchase order is valid by navigating to the Workday Supplier PO Validation/Payment Inquiry page and selecting the Purchase Order Inquiry icon. 

Current Suppliers

The new user-friendly service portal is now live! This portal will streamline communication between vendors and the Accounts Payable team. There is no registration required to access or submit inquiries via the portal.
Supplier Portal Access

The service portal will allow you to inquire about the following:

  • Check Payment of My Invoice
  • Inquire about Past Due Invoices
  • Submit a Statement
  • Submit Changes to Vendor Information
  • Register for ACH Electronic Payments via Bank of America Paymode

Utilizing this service portal can help expedite your inquiries and allows suppliers to easily share attachments with the Accounts Payable team through the attachments feature. Once the inquiry is submitted, you will receive updates via email and can directly respond via email.

There are no changes to the invoice submittal process. Invoices can still be sent to Georgia Tech via email to

Bidding Opportunities

Georgia Institute of Technology invites suppliers to view bidding opportunities. Suppliers should follow instructions for registering and participating in bidding opportunities.

Supplier Registration

All New US trade suppliers, consultants, service providers, and honoraria recipients must register as a supplier using the Supplier Portal.  Registration through the Supplier Portal is by invitation only.  Please contact the Georgia Tech department you are working with to request an invitation.

To register as a supplier for the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) of the State of Georgia, visit their website. Contact information for the DOAS help desk can be found on that web page.

International Suppliers

W-8BEN-E - International Companies

W-8BEN - Individuals

Register for ACH Electronic Payments via BoA Paymode for Existing Suppliers

General Information

  • Tax ID: 58-6002023
  • Payment Terms: Trade Suppliers, Contractors, Suppliers- net 30 days, unless alternate terms specified on purchase order.  Non-trade suppliers are typically paid within 5 days of receipt of approved payment request in Accounts Payable.
  • Tax Exemption: As a State of Georgia agency, Georgia Tech is exempt from sales tax for goods received in Georgia.  Tax exemption forms are available on the Forms Bank.

Quick Links

Credit Letter (GT login required)

Invoice Submission Instructions

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Workday Supplier PO Validation/Payment Inquiry

Tax Exemption and W-9 Form

Tax exemption forms and/or W-9 form can be provided by the Georgia Tech department representative.

Small Business Outreach

Is your company interested in doing business with Georgia Tech? Here's how you can get started!

Suppliers doing business with Georgia Tech must adhere to all non-discrimination policies and must not discriminate against any campus customers.  Please read the Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination, and Anti-Harassment Policy for further information.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and OMB Circulars

FAR Commercial Provisions in accordance with FAR Clause 52.244-6, Subcontracts for Commercial Items
FAR Non-Commercial Provisions
2(CFR) Code of Federal Regulations Part 215

Customer Service

  • Submit a ServiceNow request to Procurement for assistance with purchase orders, procurement policies, and bid opportunities
  • for submission of pdf invoices electronically.  Only one invoice per email, please.
  • For information regarding payments, maintenance to existing supplier information, and assistance related to international supplier and foreign individuals, visit the Supplier Portal