PCard Transitioning to ServiceNow

PCard transition to Service Now is now live.

This transition to the centralized ServiceNow platform will provide the transparency and efficiency needed to accurately track PCard metrics, assist in ensuring policy compliance, and enable more efficient data-driven decisions. Plus, this digitized approach to capturing and routing information will reduce the emails, paper, and time associated with managing PCard transactions.

The PCard office has created knowledge articles on how to use the Service Now platform. You can locate those articles in ServiceNow by searching “Pcard” or by going directly to our page in ServiceNow.

PCard Forms


Benefits of the PCard:

  • Simplify the purchasing and payment process
  • Expedite the ordering and delivery of goods and services
  • Eliminate the need for issuing requisitions and processing invoices
  • Provide significant cost savings in the procurement/payment process
  • Allow the department to have direct contact with suppliers
  • Provide electronic control and accountability

Authorization controls can be established for each PCard limiting the per transaction and monthly dollar amounts, as well as the types of merchants that may be used.  Additionally, the card allows the cardholder to charge work-related expenses directly to the appropriate Institute accounts. Each card is assigned a default project ID and account number to which transactions will be automatically charged.  Charges may be reallocated, if necessary, through the Institute’s wed based distribution system, Works Pcard Manager (WPM).  PCard transactions load to WPM daily and remain available for review and redistribution for 7 calendar days before being posted to the General Ledger.

Eligibility and Issuance

Any Georgia Tech permanent, regular-status employee who has the approval of their Department Head may be eligible for a Procurement Card.

Steps to Obtaining a PCard

  • Get Preliminary approval from a Department Head and notify the Department PCard Coordinator.
  • Complete a PCard - New Card Request in ServiceNow.
  • Complete the two PCard online training courses:
    • Navigate to https://training.hr.gatech.edu
    • Click on the View Course Catalog link in the left navigation pane.  Then type 'PCard' in the search bar at the top of the page, and click Find Course.
    • Complete the "PCard Training & Certification" course.
    • Complete the "Workday PCard Process and Approvals" course.

PCards will be distributed to employees after completion of appropriate background checks, cardholder training and submission of the signed Employee Agreement Form on the Procurement Forms page.

PCard Official Use Guidelines

You can review the Official PCard Policy, or review a summary of the policy below:

Authorized PCard purchases include:

Office Supplies, Non-Inventory Equipment, Lab/Research Supplies, Items on Contract (if not in BuzzMart), Registrations, Subscriptions, Office Furniture/Files.

Services including: Maintenance & Repair, Freelance (Photographers, Writers, Artists), Consulting Services, Utilities.

Items the PCard may NOT be used for include:

Personal Purchases, Inventory Equipment, Employee Travel & Entertainment, Food (except as authorized in BFM Section, Motor Vehicle Fuel, Split Purchases (dividing one purchase into two or more to stay within your transaction limit), Alcoholic Beverages or Tobacco Products, Cash Advantages, Purchases from units of the Institute, Gift Cards, Calling Cards or other Pre-Paid Cards, Georgia Sales Tax, Funding a BuzzCard.