Important Updates

We are quickly approaching the year end close out for fiscal year 2022. Please be reminded of the following deadlines to ensure timely payments. It is imperative that the following deadlines are adhered to...
WebNow requires the Internet Explorer browser with Java enabled. Due to security concerns with Internet Explorer and Java, OIT provides a virtual desktop environment called MyCloud to safely use it...
The Office of Procurement & Business Services has reviewed the frequency of pay cycles for checks and implemented the following changes...
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Accounts Payable Process Crosswalk

Workday go-live was on July 1, 2019 and some of the processes for Accounts Payable have changed. All invoices are still to be delivered to with a valid Workday PO number. Please see the AP Crosswalk as a guide on pre Workday processes and how the same tasks can be accomplished in Workday. For additional questions or concerns, please submit a ServiceNow request.

Suppliers should use the Supplier Portal for payment inquires.

Payment Inquiries

Workday PO/Invoice Payment Inquiry (NON-TRAVEL)

NOTE: Campus personnel needing to inquire on legacy Travel payments should use Legacy Financials system.  The legacy Travel reporting site has been decommissioned.