E-Verify Information for Vendors

Vendors who provide services greater than $2,499.00 are required by state law to complete an E-Verify affidavit, before the services are procured.  E-Verify forms and instructions are available on the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts (DOAA) website.  Select the appropriate form, complete it, and submit a ServiceNow request to Financial Supplier Management.

For more information about E-Verify including how to register if you are not registered, please see the E-Verify Information Sheet.

You may also visit our e-Verify FAQ page for answers to common questions, or visit the DOAA website for answers to more specific questions.

Georgia Tech's E-Verify Affidavit

Georgia Tech's E-Verify Affidavit is available to be viewed and downloaded.

Georgia Tech Campus Users

Please see the list of common purchases that have been classified as services, and require the vendor to have an E-Verify affidavit on file. Please note that this list is not all inclusive and there are many services that are not on this list.

Please see the FAQs section for answers to common questions.  If you have additional questions about this topic, please submit a ServiceNow request to Procurement.