Auto Insurance Cards

The fiscal year 2023 General Liability Insurance Identification Card at the link below should be printed and placed in each Georgia Tech owned vehicle beginning July 1, 2022. Copies should also be given to Georgia Tech employees who drive personally owned or rental vehicles on Institute business.
General Liability Insurance Identification Card

Automobile Liability Insurance

Automobile Liability Insurance covers employees of the State, the University System of Georgia and Georgia Institute of Technology for negligent acts while operating any vehicle (e.g. state owned, rented, personally owned, etc., etc.) on state business, subject to the provisions contained in the State Tort Claims Policy.
State Tort Claims Policy

Auto Physical Damage Insurance

Auto Physical Damage Insurance provides collision and comprehensive coverage (i.e., fire, theft, vandalism) for vehicles owned by Georgia Tech. Vehicle must be listed in VITAL (DOAS Vehicle Inventory) Deductible: $500.
Automobile Physical Damage Agreement

Auto Coverage Matrix

The Auto Coverage Matrix is a quick reference guide on which coverage applies to any auto (i.e. Institute owned, rented, or personal) being used by a Georgia Tech employee to conduct Institute business.

Auto Coverage & Safety Training Videos

Risk Management Services at DOAS makes available an Auto Liability Coverage training video.  It’s easy and it tells you and your co-workers when you are, and when you are not covered.
Also, there is an important Auto Safety (Driving Do’s & Don’ts) training video that contains valuable information for a new hire as well as a veteran Institute employee on ways to avoid accidents and injuries.
Both training videos can be accessed at:

Please review the Driver Safety Tips sheet for important information every Georgia Tech driver needs to know.