Institute management would like to provide guidelines to the campus community for payment or reimbursement of meals for virtual meetings, events and celebrations.  The intent of existing policies is to pay for or reimburse for meals that would allow work, a meeting or an event to continue when food is not readily available.  Faculty, staff, students and other attendees who are virtual should have access to meals at their remote location.  Thus, meal delivery services like DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, etc. should not be used to deliver meals to individuals or to provide gift cards or promotional codes to allow individuals to order meals.  Meals for virtual holiday events and celebrations (including retirement celebrations) as well as meals for virtual staff appreciation and recognition events should also follow these guidelines.  All Institute funding is subject to these guidelines including operating funds (i.e. state, sponsored, auxiliary, student activities, etc.) and discretionary funds (i.e. GTF, GTRC, GTARC, Custodial, etc.).