Purchasing no-bid limit raised to $24,999

Effective Monday, February 1, 2021, Georgia Tech will raise the “no-bid” limit for the purchase of goods and services (not covered under a GT or State Contract) to $24,999.  While bidding is no longer required up to this dollar level, Procurement & Business Services encourages all departments to secure additional quotes where practical and ensure that purchases made under this limit reflect the best value for Georgia Tech.  Please note that purchase orders will still be subject to compliance requirements (which may include items such as EVerify affidavits, Insurance etc.).  Purchases that have a likelihood of exceeding $24,999 (due to potential change orders or additional foreseeable requirements) must follow regular formal procurement procedures.  If you have any questions about the change in the bid limits, please submit a ticket via ServiceNow

PO Cancellations

Procurement & Business Services has previously communicated the need to attach justifications from suppliers to support the closure of PO’s.  This justification is no longer required when the requisitions are submitted.  In the rare case where this justification is needed, Procurement & Business Services will reach out directly to the department to obtain the support documentation.  Procurement apologizes for any confusion or inconvenience caused.