Departments and organizations on the Ga. Tech campus occasionally need to utilize charter bus services for local one-day trips, out of area or extended multi-day trips. To meet this need, agreements with Ga. Tech approved suppliers have been developed through a competitive Request for Quote (RFQ) process.


Using the services of these preferred suppliers will give Georgia Tech users some advantages and fewer responsibilities:

  • There is no need to create individual, short-term contracts which must be reviewed by the Office of Legal Affairs, the Department of Insurance Claims and signed by a Contract Officer.
  • Verification of University insurance requirements has already been done, and certificates of insurance for each preferred supplier are on file with the Office of Risk Management.

Georgia Tech Approved Suppliers

The following approved suppliers may be contacted for charter bus services with destinations that are in and outside the local area or for extended multi-day trips. We recommend that departments contact at least two to three companies for quotes. And choose the company that best meets your needs. To ensure availability, departments should contact these vendors several weeks in advance of their trip.

  • American Coach Lines of America
    705 Lively Avenue
    Norcross, GA 30071

    Contact: Shane Shipman
    Email: shane.shipman@coachusa.com
    Website: www.coachusa.com

  • Allstate Tours LLC
    5410 St. Lo Lane
    College Park, GA 30349

    Contact: Kenneth Johnson
    Email: elitetoursofatl@bellsouth.net
    Website: http://EliteToursofAtlanta.net

  • Daniel’s Charter & Tours LLC
    4336 Cornelia Hwy
    Lula, GA 30543

    Contact: Carmen Buffington
    Email: Carmen@danielscharters.com
    Website: www.danielscharters.com

  • Harmon Brothers Charter
    5094 Westbrook Road
    Union City, GA 30291

    Contact: Keisa Perry
    Email: Kperry@harmonbros.com
    Website: www.harmonbros.com

  • Brooks Transit Charter Services
    2629 Flamingo Dr.
    Columbia, SC 29209

    Contact: Mary Lykes
    Email: cavaliercharter@yahoo.com
    Website: N/A