This is a summary of the business requirements for Georgia Tech employees travelling for business and research purposes during the outbreak and pandemic of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) effective July 1, 2020. Business requirements will be updated as needed.

    Employees who travel will be required to submit a COVID-19 Questionnaire & Risk Acknowledgment form with the Spend Authorization in Workday prior to any travel 50 miles or greater and any overnight stay. Non-employee travel will follow the same requirements and be approved on a separate non-employee COVID travel acknowledgment form. The COVID Travel Acknowledgment form is posted on the Travel Web page and will be signed by the traveler and approved by the department head. If non-employee travel is international travel, the non-employee form will require approval by the Dean, Assoc. Dean, EVP, VP or equivalent authority.  This will be maintained by the department and subject to audit.

    In accordance with guidance issued by the University System of Georgia (USG), only essential travel may be authorized at this time. All nonessential travel is prohibited until further notice. This guidance may change. For further details please refer to

    Travel is considered essential if it is for:

  •         Research and business meetings that cannot be conducted virtually; and
  •         Projects and work that are time sensitive with fixed deadlines.

    Use of state funds for travel requires additional budget considerations.

    The use of Travel Incorporated is required during this period. This provides necessary visibility of travelers and provides traveler support and cost management.  Direct billing of Airfare through Travel Incorporated should be used for all airfare bookings reducing complications with changes, cancelations and reimbursements.

    Please use the grid below as a guide for business travel requirements:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

COVID Travel Approval Steps Domestic and International Grid

Employee Travel Criteria

Spend Authorization Required

Questionnaire, Approval, Acknowledgment forms triggered in Workday


Domestic Travel In State:  Travel 50 miles or greater; any overnight stay.


COVID-19 Questionnaire & Risk  Acknowledgment

Routed via Workday

Domestic Travel Out of State


COVID-19 Questionnaire & Risk Acknowledgment

Routed via Workday

International Travel


1. COVID-19 Questionnaire & Risk Acknowledgment

2. GT COVID-19 International Travel Approval Form

3. International Questionnaire for import export

1. Routed via Workday

2. Attach approval from Dean, Assoc. Dean, EVP, VP or approval from any equivalent authority. Routed via Workday

3. Routed via Workday

    Submissions and approvals are done in Workday under the Spend Authorization process and must be completed and approved prior to travel.   The Spend Authorization and Approval process in Workday includes a mandatory Travel Questionnaire and Acknowledgement E-Form for submission of basic information and justification for travel. All essential domestic travel requires completion and return of this E-Form via Workday. Domestic travel includes:

  •         Travel outside the State of Georgia and within the United States and its territories (unless international connection is utilized);

    (Note: Other states may have travel restrictions different from Georgia. You are expected to review any travel requirements issued by other states.)

  •         In-state travel of 50 miles or more; and
  •         In-state travel requiring an overnight stay(s).

    Local travel less than 50 miles should be approved by the Georgia Tech department.  The department may choose to utilize the Spend Authorization for all reimbursable travel during the COVID-19 time period. 

    For recurring in-state travel that has similar essential requirements, a Blanket Spend Authorization can be used and approved for a 90-day travel period. During this 90-day period, the Travel Authorization can remain open. After the 90-day period, a new Spend Authorization will be required.

    In-State Blanket Spend Authorization requirements:

  •         Recurring In-state travel only;
  •         90-day periods as part of the Spend Authorization process;
  •         A single individual traveler and cannot be used for an entire department or unit;
  •         Frequent in-state travel activities that meet the following requirements:                      
    •                 Travel activities are consistent with the employee’s job duties;
    •                 Travel business purpose is consistent for each travel event;
    •                 Travel activities are related to the employee’s employment occur in the same location(s)    

    Expenses incurred under the In-State Blanket Spend Authorization must be expensed against the approved Spend Authorization and comply with the Georgia Tech Travel Policy.

    International Travel is limited to essential mission critical business and research. Restrictions and alerts have been placed in Workday on travel to countries with Level 3 Travel Health Notices as issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Travel requested to a CDC classified Level 3 country will require completion of a COVID-19 International Travel Approval Form in addition to the COVID-19 Travel Questionnaire and Risk Acknowledgment Form. A signed approval email statement from either the employee’s School Associate Dean or Dean or the Vice President, Executive Vice President of their Georgia Tech unit or an equivalent Georgia Tech official must be submitted with the approval form to demonstrate the critical mission need and essential nature of such travel.

    Please note if you elect to travel internationally at this time during the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic, you may be subject to additional travel restrictions, which may be issued suddenly with little notice and extend for an indefinite time period, including but not limited to border closure, entry prohibitions, mandatory quarantines, etc.  In the event you become ill, you may not be permitted to return to the United States for medical treatment. Also, please note the closure of various U.S. Embassies and Consulates worldwide and the departure of many Department of State personnel from Embassies and Consulates may limit their ability to provide services to U.S. citizens while abroad. Further, upon return to the United States, you will be required to comply with any mandatory quarantine requirements.

    For further information and guidance regarding international travel, please refer to: and