As an interim measure for COVID-19, Staples has created a link for PCard holders to be able to set-up their (and/or their co-worker’s) home addresses as delivery destinations for office supplies.  This link can only be used by a PCard cardholder and a Georgia Tech PCard must be used for payment.  Please also ensure that the employee’s supervisor approves any items shipped to home addresses in advance.

Cardholders have been emailed a link to set up a login for to place orders with the state pricing, blocking, and tax exemption. This work-around will only be active during this COVID-19 environment, and access will be revoked once normalcy has returned. If you are delivering to an official GT address, you should continuing using the Staples Punch-Out as normal.

Individual shipments to home addresses still require prior approval.  In order to ship specific items to a home address, the PCard holder must secure supervisor approval and approval from the PCard office ( in advance. The PCard office will respond within 24 hours. If you are a Cardholder and have not been sent the Staples link, please request it from the PCard office.

It is your responsibility to make sure all the purchases comply with State and Georgia Tech policies.