Procurement and Business Services has completed the ImageNow Upgrade. This upgrade includes a “disaster recovery" process for the ImageNow servers which will enable Georgia Tech to respond to unplanned and disruptive incidents and resume key operations in a timely and effective manner.

This upgrade replaced the WebNow application with a new web version using HTML5. This enhancement will enable ImageNow users to use any web browser to access Perceptive Content Apps and should provide a long-term fix to the current browser issues the campus community is experiencing. ImageNow users will be able to use Perceptive Content Apps to search for documents, add annotations, route in workflow, and export and email documents. To access Perceptive Content Apps, go to Techworks and click on the new tile named “Perceptive Content Apps”. For further instructions, please utilize the manual Perceptive Content Apps Web User Guide.

The new web version will be accessible to all ImageNow users. At this time, only personnel in Central Accounts Payable and Facilities Accounts Payable will have the desktop client installed. If you feel that you will not be able to perform your tasks in Perceptive Content Apps, please submit a ServiceNow ticket to Financial Supplier Accounts, attention Jo Keith.